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  • SPIRIT                                                             


  • When you book Spirit, your're guaranteed a night of brilliant music - with covers ranging from the greats like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, U2, Gary Moore and Other rock guitarists.

  • Popular 80's party nights include The Police, Tears for Fears, Aztec Camera, Madonna and Kim Wild.

             Robust vocal and flamboyant lead guitar work from Dean together with Dynamic bass playing and vocal

             talent from Nancy make Spirit's music fun on stage and one of the best boy/girl presentation acts available.

             Spirit are as at home in the Bar or outdoor Festivals as they are at formal engagements such as weddings

             and corporate events. 

             From buddy holy and the rock & roll era, through the decades to more modern like Oasis, Snow Patrol,

             Kiasar Chiefs, Killers and Muse, Spirit have a vast catologue of material.

             Spirit provide thier own studio-quality PA and lighting system and the option to play backing or Disco music

             between sets.


             A highly professional and relieable team with a wealth of experiance Dean and Nancy are without a doubt

             universally appealing to the audiance.



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January 2nd w/ Band

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January 22nd w/ Band

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March 3rd w/ Band

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March 10th w/ Band

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April 1st w/ Band